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Heater principle

These tools are used to heat the liquids by direct vapor injection.

We propose several types:
  • In line Heaters
  • Underwater Heaters

In line Heaters

  • With multi holes nozzle in simplified diffuser
  • multi holes nozzle heater

  • With condensation nozzle in special diffuser
  • condensation nozzle

  • Multi nozzles for very sticky liquids (pouts)
  • multi nozzles heater

These last two types allow an effective heating while reducing the noise level, the vibrations phenomena and water hammers. In addition, the steam pressure will always be higher than the liquid in order to prevent the liquid to return in the vapor chamber by diffusion holes.

We can also provide Venturi heaters where the vapor pressure may be lower or equal to the pressure of the fluid to be heated.

Underwater Heaters

  • Submersible heaters are fitted directly in the tank of the product to heat, They also produce agitation to ensure product homogeneity, see also submersible mixers.
  • Underwater Heater