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LVI company LVI' SYSTEMS has been quickly established as a specialist for designing and manufacturing industrial vacuum production units thanks to its robust products. Beyond products, we provide an engineering consultancy to offer a custom technological answer tailored to each application.

LVI' SYSTEMS is a genuine contractor. We have a design office where engineers and technicians work continually to improve products features and services. We support our customers throughout the various stages of completion of vacuum units from the conception to the production.

With years of experience gained over the most demanding markets in over fifty countries, LVI' SYSTEMS constantly innovates with materials that have established our international reputation especially in high technologies.

LVI' SYSTEMS has also developed specific systems like POLYVAC, the VAPYDRO or ECOVAC in order to answer most common needs of our customers (resistance to corrosion, pollution removal, energy savings). We have also built a robust subcontractors network encompassing partners who are specialized and knowledgeable. They are committed to meet our quality assurance processes, complying to ISO 9001.